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I’m 30 now — I was 29 when I originally wrote this, you know — overweight, and clueless about beauty routines and acceptable fashion. When I was younger, it was easier to get away with using whichever bar of soap was handy to wash my face, to buy clothes that I just thought looked neat and not worry about them matching, to dye my hair any number of strange colors.

I used to look much younger than my age, and then one day I woke up and — wait, what’s that near my eyes… wrinkles? Panic! I had so much going on in my life and so little idea where to start, and have spent a year or so wearing sweatpants. And Crocs. In public. I don’t believe in trying to hide the fact that I’m getting older (well, not yet anyway), and I’m mostly interested in figuring out what is appropriate for someone in their early 30s. Since I started this blog, I’ve at least started wearing yoga pants that look like they might be regular black pants and decent knitted tops. And less Crocs.

I hope my journey will end with me feeling like someone who’s put together and takes care of herself; it’s far too easy, especially when I’m depressed, to just let everything slide. And I hope what I learn will help other women to become more self-confident.

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  1. Bun Khang permalink
    August 24, 2008 9:22 am

    Hi,getting old is inevitable for our human beings,so don’t need to worry.Overweight is not your fault,so don’t need to be depressed.Oh,who am i to judge you?Sorry if my words make you inconvenience.

    Bun Khang

  2. Alice permalink
    October 20, 2008 9:01 am


    you have a wonderful blog, and I’d love to trade links with you. I run a plus size fashion blog that you can find by following the address after the @ in my email address. Let me know if you’re interested!


  3. Bun Khang permalink
    January 4, 2009 3:09 am

    hi,sorry for my late super late reply,because I thought that you wouldn’t want to comment on my words. By the way,how did you know my blog? Through searching machines such as google…. ?

    To your words above,yes,I am interested,but how to?

    Last but least,Happy New Year 2009.


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