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Accessories of the Day 5/9/2012

May 9, 2012

I love Instagram. I use it to take completely gratuitous photos of stuff that probably nobody cares about, but I love it. I thought I’d try sharing some of my accessories on here when I remember to get pics of them. Camera phone pics, of course, and my camera phone isn’t very good, but hey.

Today I’m carrying (as usual, really) my Kenneth Cole Reaction yellow hobo bag, which I got at Ross. I love it and IMO it goes with everything, because it’s spring, and yellow!

Kenneth Cole Reaction hobo bag

Also wearing my Jewelmint Royal Ascot Ring, which, as we all know, is a total knockoff of the Gucci horsebit ring. Personally, I’m super happy that JM made this available, because I need more jewelry, and it’s equestrian jewelry, so it hits exactly the right spot for me. I certainly don’t have $2750 for the real thing. The JM ring is well made costume jewelry; definitely love it. Here’s my Jewelmint referral link, if you’re not already signed up. I’ll be doing a review soon but I really like the service.

Jewelmint Royal Ascot Ring

Happy Wednesday!

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