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Curl Up and Dye

February 4, 2012

Yeah, worst title ever, I know. It’s the name of a salon somewhere in town (and I’m sure in your town, too), and it just fit, so there.

I’ve lost 10.5lb on Weight Watchers so far, and I’ve decided to reward myself along the way so I stick with it. An aside on that: I do believe in health at every size and don’t think everyone needs to lose weight. I do, though. I’m not healthy but I’m working on it, and weight loss is part of that, for me.

Anyway, I decided yesterday that I was bored to death with my hair. It hasn’t been cut since July; I’m thinking I’d like to grow it out again and see how I feel about it long. I can’t do much with it right now since it’s about shoulder length. I hadn’t dyed it since July, either, and it felt like it was about time. I’d also seen a tutorial on YouTube for bendy rollers, and since all my other hair curling experiments have resulted in major fail, I thought I’d give it a try.

So I hit up the Sally Beauty Supply with my 15% off coupon and picked up some dyeing supplies and the aforementioned bendy rollers. I got the same color I used last time, which is Ion Color Brilliance (or something) in 5R. I got the liquid this time, as last time I found it a pain in the rear to get the creme and developer to mix.

The Goods

The Goods

Don’t you love my horrible dresser? Anyway. Here’s what I started with:


I mixed up the color and tried (I really did try) to part my hair into sections and apply it properly with the brush and everything. I’d forgotten to get gloves, so I was working with a Ziploc bag on one hand. Anyway, it got overwhelming and confusing and despite my best efforts, I still can’t see/work with the hair on the back of my head, so I gave up and did my usual routine of just treating it basically like shampoo. I didn’t work it all the way down to the ends since that part was already lighter. I left it for half an hour then worked it into the ends, waited another fifteen minutes, and shampooed it out.

At this point I realized I wasn’t going to get to actually see the color right away, because the rollers need to go in damp hair. Alas. I’ve used the same color before, though, so I thought it would probably be fine. I’m also going to post a review of the Ion color and some information about home hair dyeing for the inept, but briefly: I like it.

I rolled up my hair, which was surprisingly easy with these bendy rollers. You just start at the bottom and roll towards your head. I found it easier to place the roller about 1/3 of the way up, wrap the bottom part of the hair around, and then finish rolling. That way I wasn’t losing pieces since I have layers in my hair. End result: Medusa.


Totally hot, right? I decided I was going to leave them in overnight, so I wrapped a scarf around my head and went about my evening. They weren’t too uncomfortable to sleep in, honestly, and they stayed really well thanks to the scarf. And now you can see how scary I look when I wake up (PUFFY!), because this is what happened when I took them out:

Elizabeth Bennet gone awry

But I knew they’d fall out as the day went on, which indeed they did. I also squished them a bit as I went about my errands and such (needed a hat), and I didn’t spray them at all. Here’s what they looked like 9 hours later:

Kinda curly

Definitely just slightly curly and wavy, and the very ends of some of the pieces had basically gone straight and look funny. Overall, though, I’m really happy with how it worked out, and with the color. I’ll definitely be playing with the rollers some more and doing more to style the curls.

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