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Shiny and New

January 13, 2010

So I had ExtraBucks from CVS, and a few coupons to use. I picked up the new L’Oreal Go 360 face wash with “Scrublet” (this cracks me up) as well as the (omg) Revlon PhotoReady foundation.

Thus far I’ve used each once. I got the Sensitive Skin version of the face wash, partly because it’s got a blue bottle and scrublet but mostly because I have sensitive skin. It felt surprisingly delightful to use, and hours later my face still feels nice and clean without being dry (I did use my toner and lotion as well, of course). I’ll post a real review after I’ve used the stuff for a week or two, though. Cross your fingers for no new milia.

The PhotoReady foundation is awesomesauce. Seriously. I love it. I thought I loved my ColorStay, but it turns out I didn’t. I haven’t yet noticed the sparkle in it — a few reviewers have pointed out that it looks almost glittery, but maybe my lighting just isn’t right to notice that? It doesn’t look as matte as the CS, which I like, especially in the dry-skin winter. I’m going to keep using it to see how it feels throughout the day and do a real review after a few more days.

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