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2010 Resolutions, Round One

January 2, 2010

My biggest, most major and awesome New Year’s Resolution for 2010 is that I’m going to dress more stylishly five days out of seven. Nevermind that I may not leave the house; this is really more for me. I expect it will be a little rocky at first, given my current wardrobe and the fact that weight loss brings with it changes in size, so I don’t want to spend money getting a lot of things that might not fit. But really what I mean is, no more jeans and promotional ammunition t-shirts; I mean that I will be putting in at least a minimal effort with makeup and especially with my hair, and rockin’ accessories. I expect this will be a bit of a Process, you know, but I’ll also be sharing OOTD (Outfit of the Day) pics here in addition to FOTD and whatnot. Another of my resolutions is to keep my nails in presentable, nice shape all the time, which means I’ve gotta remove this peeling Christmas manicure and put on something snazzy. That’s first up after I finish this post.

So, how’s the start of the year going? Well, erm. The past two days have been more focused on (1) becoming un-hungover and (2) my weight loss and fitness resolution. So what we have here, roughly, is um, me in pajamas, with no makeup on and unwashed hair. But hey, starting the bar so low means I can only go up, right?

I present my first OOTD of 2010, which I call “slob in a cold house:”

OOTD: 2 January 2010

Hair: the Needs to be Washed style

Makeup: None, featuring Allergic Undereye Circles

Shirts: blue long-sleeve, Target; grey polo shirt, stolen from husband

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