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Fantasy Fashion Friday

December 4, 2009

As many of you already know, I’ve rejoined Weight Watchers with the intent of losing… well, a substantial amount of weight.  Forced inactivity, grief, and depression all joined forces with the result of making me a much larger person than I normally would be. Now, I’ll probably never be a size 2 (people have seen pictures of me around a size 6 and informed me I looked like I “needed to eat a sandwich”); I mean, if I am, OK, but my guess from out here is that I’d look like a creepy bobblehead. So I’m aiming a bit higher; say, an 8 or a 10.

As much as I feel like I should be most motivated by the health benefits, I’m uh… really more motivated by the clothes. I’m sorry. It’s true. Perhaps (probably) I am a victim of the unrealistic expectations of society, but right now it’s hard to find clothes that I don’t find hideous that fit, let alone things I actually love. And the way I like to dress doesn’t look right at my current size.  Besides all that, though, I actually do need to lose for health reasons; I’m hoping it will help with our TTC efforts, my knee pain, and my stupid, still-wonky foot. I believe in health at any size for everyone, but not health at every size for myself.

So. Looking at shiny new clothes that will eventually fit is a great motivator for me. Won’t you look at some with me? First up is this really, really cute dress from Anthropologie. Many of you (Erin) will be shocked (SHOCKED) to learn that I look on this site first for my motivation du jour.

Burlapp Skyfall Dress at Anthropologie

If I could justify it, I’d buy one in a size 10 and keep it around for motivation, but somehow at $178 I don’t think that’s going to happen. But look! It’s blue, it’s silk, the neckline is super-cute, and I love the details.

Our next entry from the Ministry of Blue is this wrap cardigan. I should really have a look on Ravelry at some of the Anthropologie-inspired knitting groups to see if they’ve got something similar, although knitting that much fabric at that fine a gauge would probably result in me stabbing my eyes out. This just seems like one of those sweaters you could wear with almost anything, and I wouldn’t mind having two: One in turquoise, one in purple.

Canary Graceful Point Cardigan at Anthropologie

And I want cute pajamas, too. Namely, these, which are from Neiman Marcus. I would love — love — to have birds on my pajamas. I also have this weird kind of fantasy in my head where I have actual pajamas and wake up on Sundays to eat brunch and do the NY Times crossword at the table while gazing at the snow outside, or some shit like that. I mean, yeah, in real life I’m more likely to roll out of bed and throw on some yoga pants, and then stagger down the hall being a bitch to everyone who tries to make some joke about how I actually got out of bed! surprise! (Note to morning people: Sometime I am going to keep you up until 5am and make jokes about how you’re actually awake! Didn’t expect to see you, Little Miss Vampire! I will also expect you to be chipper about things like going to get a meal with me at 2am.)

Anyway, I want these. Although even if they were the right size, $100 seems a bit much.

Bird Pajamas at Neiman Marcus

I do plan to get some accessories, like jewelry and handbags and whatnot, as  I reach various goals on the way down. Actually, I already got the first one; a set of small cultured pearl earrings as a reward for losing 5 pounds, which goal I met on Monday.  Like them?

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  1. AlphaBitch permalink
    December 11, 2009 1:29 pm

    I do like them. I also love the dress shown above. I may have to check out your blogs now and then. I might be able to learn something. Of course, I also have to lose a considerable amount of weight before I can wear anything.

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