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Wet n Wild Heather Silk Blush

December 3, 2009

I had this giant, giant lemming for NARS blush in Mata Hari; I’ve never had a NARS blush before, and I really wanted something pink for winter. Because for some reason I think I should have pink cheeks for cold weather. Don’t you? I went to Sephora two weeks ago with the husband in tow, and serious plans to try to talk my way into the Mata Hari blush, but that didn’t go well. When I got there I found I couldn’t even really justify it to myself, let alone to him. So I went home blushless and sad.

But then I went to MUA and asked if anyone new of a duplicate (dupe) for the Mata Hari, and o! my lands! someone suggested Wet n Wild’s blush in Heather Silk as an almost exact dupe. I don’t know about you, but I feel like $3 is eminently reasonable for a whole new makeup item, so I went to CVS and picked one up for myself. Of course I couldn’t tell you how accurate a dupe it is, but I loooove it. The formula applies really nicely, and it stays on pretty well all day. I wore it for Thanksgiving, including a 3-hour car trip where I fell asleep with my cheek in my hand, and it looked nearly as good by the time I went to sleep as it did when I put it on.

I have ascertained that I’m an NC20 in MAC foundation-land, so a fairly pale, warm complexion, in case you want to know that. But here it is. Don’t I look pink?


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