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Playing with Brights

November 21, 2009

As some of you may know, I won! (OMG!) a rainbow stacker in Grey‘s Halloween contest. It arrived the other day and I decided to play around a little today, although not much — I’m still sort of in a funk and I couldn’t decide on a crazy rainbow look, alas. So I just lined all the way around my eyes with the blue and the green colors. The green shows up better in real life. I actually kind of really like the blue, as a costume-y color. Where oh where can I wear all the over-the-top makeup I want to put on all the time?

So yeah, that’s pretty much what I look like with nothing on but crazy eyeliner. I didn’t wash my hair yet today, either, but let’s pretend like I’m RPattz and that’s hot or something, ok?

I LOVE the brightness of these colors and I look forward to playing with them a lot more sometime soon. For tonight, I’ll just continue to get curious looks from my mother-in-law.

In other news, I’ve started WeightWatchers again, and it’s been a few days and it’s actually going really well. I like how I picked a week before Thanksgiving to dive in, but one day isn’t going to ruin anything, really. I’ve successfully lost weight on WW before, but gained it back after breaking my foot and being laid up for months, then losing my mom and eating fast food for months after that. It’s time to say goodbye to it, and then I can buy cute clothes without having to spend 29 hours hunting them down.

And in other other news, I’ve got a NYX order coming on Wednesday, supposedly. I needed more time than that to play with it pre-Thanksgiving dinner! Aieee! I don’t know what nail color to rock, either. Jenna, you should pick for me.

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