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Oh, the Stupid. It Burns.

November 1, 2009

In this case, my own stupidity. I did go for the vampire look tonight, even though I couldn’t find any fangs to go with it… and I picked up a palette of cheap Halloween makeup for $2.29 at Meijer, so I could have some white pigment to use. I had it on for all of 2 hours, maaaaaybe three, and now I have hives and/or a rash. I really should know better; I’m allergic to damn near everything, but I figured with a layer of moisturizer and one of primer to protect me, I’d be fine.  Lesson: Wrong. So, anyone want a lightly used pigment palette? Ugh.

I had to rush putting everything on because I was making this completely bizarre chicken for dinner, involving Russian dressing and onion soup mix (again: I should have known better, but that’s a subject for the Little Birdhouse), and running late. So I didn’t get things as nice as I had wanted to, and the “blood” near my mouth left much to be desired, but here it is, my Vampire Look 2009. I’ll take a picture of my Halloween manicure tomorrow.

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