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I Vant to Suck Your Bloooood

October 29, 2009

So I was going to do a peacock look for Halloween, with cool false eyelashes made from peacock feathers and all this other stuff. Sadly, I ordered said lashes from and didn’t realize there was a Chinese national holiday, so they won’t be here in time. Perhaps someone will throw a fantastic New Year’s Eve party and I can go… dressed up as… um, an exotic bird. My inner drag queen loves the idea, anyway. This was the first tentative try at the look, in case you wanted to see it.

Obviously it needed brighter colors and a lot of work, which it sadly never received. Trick or Treat is tomorrow, and I needed a substitute fast, so of course my brain went “VAMPIRES!” I can make my dark circles work FOR me for a change, right? Plus maybe Alexander Skarsgard will show up as Vampire Eric and I’ll be all set. Ha, ha. Really, though, this is cool because I just need to buy some faux-fangs and I’m ready to go; much cheaper than trying to get feathers and other stuff for the peacock look, right?

Ignore the godawful hair and pajama shirt, would you? I’m pretty pleased with how this came out and will practice again tonight to see if any small changes help. I do plan to fill in my eyebrows with a darker powder, and I’m going to try to pick up some Ben Nye white stage makeup for the empalening. Like impaling. Get it? Anyway, I tried using translucent mineral veil and white eyeshadow and there’s still way too much color involved.

I’ll post a picture of the final look, but for now I thought I’d try to give a basic idea of how I did the makeup in case anyone is looking for pointers. Like fangs. Oh, the puns, only not really.

First and foremost, I skipped my Benefit Boi-ing and Eyebright (both of which I officially love, by the way). I did use Smashbox eyelid primer, which probably has another, fancier name. And then:

  • I applied Wet n Wild’s creme eyeliner in Eggplant all over my eyelid and up to the brow bone on the outside, plus in the wing shape you can sort of see.
  • Then I used #8 (I think) from the Smashbox Eye Wish palate — sort of a sparkly granite-black color — all over the creme. I tried to blend it in really well but I may have lost patience.
  • I applied MAC Trax, which is a sparkly burgundy-purple-brown-gold, alllll over, and blended.
  • More #8, this time also to the inner corners and out onto my nose, as well as up to my eyebrow on the inside. More smudging. Repeat with more Trax.
  • I did a really thick line of the WnW liner on top of all, and smudged some more.
  • On the lower eye, I did basically the same thing. I took the Trax all the way down to the top of my cheekbones. Rarely do I get to try to make my eyes look MORE like they have dark circles. Oh, vampires, how I love you for being trendy.
  • Mascara as usual. Surprise!

The main point to take home, I think, is that there was A LOT of eyeshadow on my eyes, with quite a bit of smudging, and in places where you wouldn’t really put eyeshadow if you were, say, headed out to the grocery store. I also applied some below my cheekbones in a triangle near the jaw to try to contour and look more… dead, but I didn’t go far enough with it. I will next time. Here’s the eye:

Oh, and the lipstick? Is Revlon Black Cherry; I forget the formula. I really like the color, though. And it works fairly well as “blood,” although I’ll probably try to do something more tomorrow night. Then again, my turned-in-the-1920s vampire probably feeds like a lady, wouldn’t you think?

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