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Decant Circles Make My Head Hurt

October 29, 2009
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Many of you probably know that I run decant circles for perfumes, mostly BPAL. I love doing them; it’s a great way to get to sniff the scents, and I especially love filling the little vials. It feels like a science experiment. The part I haaaaate is the book-keeping, especially since a public record has to be kept, and linking to the spreadsheet on my desktop doesn’t work. I end up typing and retyping scents and names and I’m always afraid I’ll make an error in the public report that isn’t actually in the spreadsheet, and then I’ll have to track down what the heck I actually did. Which I did, yesterday. I missed a whole scent and put a bunch of people under one they didn’t have. I hope I’ve got it fixed now.

I can’t wait to just order the  scents and commence the wait for their arrival. Then again, I sort of hate the packaging up bit, too. But not as much as I hate sorting initial orders. I have no idea how the Lab handles the volume they must do, and I can only applaud them from my tiny corner of trying to deal with perfume samples.

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