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Lacquered Up: China Glaze Metallic Muse

October 28, 2009

China Glaze Metallic Muse

China Glaze Metallic Muse

I picked this up at Sally a bit ago, when they had a B2G1 sale on China Glaze chromes and glitters. I wasn’t sure I’d like the chrome polishes at allllllll, but this one looked sort of like For Audrey (probably my favorite polish of all) if you made it into foil. So I got it. And I love it. The colors in the picture are too yellow, but I couldn’t seem to adjust them very well in Picasa, alas. It’s more blue than it looks, although it’s definitely a blue-green; like I said, it reminds me of For Audrey with a lotta silver mixed in.

It goes on really easily; it was almost opaque in one coat but I went for two, just to be sure. I was a little worried at first because the texture is really thick (which, supposedly, makes it good for Konad — which one day I shall have), but even clumsy me had no issues applying. I did have to get a bit more on the brush than I normally would, but that’s about it. So this is two coats, plus my usual base and a Seche Vite topcoat.

Sadly, it lasted all of one day before it started to chip and peel like keeee-razy, so this is not a durable manicure color. I wore it for our anniversary vacation, and luckily I brought the bottle with me for touchups, because 17 hours after I applied it, it started to chip. After 24 hours, it was peeling up entirely in spots. I’m not sure if I should try a different basecoat, or if this is just how the chromes (or “Khromes,” as ChG would have it) roll.

Still, it’s so pretty and so shiny — like if you took the blue foil wrapper from an Easter candy and smoothed it out with your nail, and don’t make like you’ve never done that, right? — that I love it. I’ll just have to save it for special occasions or days when I don’t mind redoing my manicure a lot.

Rating: 3.5 of 5. But the color is a 5 of 5.

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