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December 4, 2008

Or have I? I felt like I should at least start posting here again, now that I’ve probably alienated my entire readership by, you know, not writing for a month. First things first:

ENTER THE CONTEST! in the post before this one. I will be drawing a name on 12/8 for a pair of mitts, to be custom made for the winnar.

In other news, I am trying to build a reasonable Winter Wardrobe. As of last week, the clothes that fit me and which I already own included:

  • One pair of jeans, which mostly fit but ride bizarrely low on the butt, so I have to wear long shirts lest the world see my unders;
  • One pair of brown slacks (I hate the word “slacks” but that’s pretty much what they are);
  • One black v-neck sweater;
  • A bunch of camis to go under said sweater;
  • and a horrifying reindeer seasonal fleece top of the sort that only 50 year old women think is OK to wear but which was on sale for like $2 at Kohl’s last year so I bought it only to wear around the house but now I’ve gone and worn it in public and Oh God HALP.

So clearly, my newly fat(ter) ass needed some clothes. I kept debating and waiting and blah blah and then had a sale on Monday — a few of their tunic sweaters were available for $5 each with a $50 purchase, so I worked it out and got five tops for $55. Not bad, considering. It was more than I had intended to spend, but dude. So in the UPS-mail, I have two sweaters, two fancy shirts, and one hoodie on the way. I hope they fit. Seriously, these places list sizes and then you get the thing and you’re like “WTF, this isn’t even remotely small enough” — anyone else have that problem with the plus-size places? Yeah. So.

I also decided I need to break out the sewing machine and learn to use it once and for all, because finding cute clothes in my size that aren’t also $70 for a freaking SHIRT is just a pain in my ass. I went to JoAnn earlier this week and got a pattern, Simplicity somethingorother, which claimed to be “easy.” I also grabbed some cute fabric which was on sale, mmhm. I haven’t brought myself to cut out the pattern pieces yet. I suck at cutting, and I suck at sewing, and I hate both. But I want to be able to make clothes and curtains and all the lovely things. So we’ll see. I promise photos of both the Avenue clothes (when they arrive) and my efforts at sewing some wardrobe pieces.

One other thing: I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism; I’m really relieved, actually, because maybe once I’m on medications for that my HAIR WILL STOP FALLING OUT UGH. It looks REALLY thin near the front, and ugh ugh ugh.

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  1. mrscjallen permalink
    December 4, 2008 11:55 am

    I can most definitely relate to the entire plus size sizing issue. I try not to order anything on-line just for that reason. If I always wear a size X…it should fit in plus size too! But know, I think they want you to feel oh-so-good about yourself and so they alter the sizes. ‘But I only wear a 16 on my size 24 backside…’ It’s strange!

    Good luck sewing. I have made one skirt which I wore once and then gave to my sister and a dress that I will never wear out of the house. (it was a bad pattern).

  2. December 4, 2008 11:59 am

    I totally am working on a basic wardrobe too. I’ve decided that I have no use for all the tiny little clothes that are still in my closet, so away they go. I’ve already gotten rid of a garbage bag of clothing, and I’m hoping to fill another two (or more)

    I’m going to need to put some basic pieces into my regular rotation that I don’t have, though. Like a handknit gray skirt *winks*.

    And I totally can’t believe you wore your reindeer sweater in public.


  3. December 4, 2008 12:02 pm

    Also have my fingers crossed for the contest. I clearly think my suggestions were awesome.

  4. jolie permalink
    December 5, 2008 5:50 pm

    i have a theory about the plus size/non-plus size fits. non-plus size is cut more toward the “no fat on these bones” shape while plus size is cut more toward the “my fat ate my bones when it got hungry” shape. this means that if you’re anyone in between those shapes, good luck finding the right size.

    congrats(?) on the hypothyroidism diagnosis. that’s the sort of thing that once treated can really impact your emotional well-being. good luck!

    also, for the first year ever, i will be joining the masses with a new year’s resolution, and like most everyone else, i vow to lose weight and exercise. i’ve reached critical mass and will not allow this to go on!

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