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Friday Fancies and Danc..ies?

September 20, 2008

Anyone else seen PANTS OFF DANCE OFF? Because that show fucking rocked it. Anyway, IT’S FRIDAY! I wanted to post this in the morning so you would all have something to do at the office since we all know nobody actually WORKS on Fridays. But! I got distracted watching my imaginary husband Ed Norton in The Painted Veil, and then crying like a kee-razy person, and then googling Ed Norton for a bit. After that I found my mood was extraordinary so I started listening to shitty pop music and trying to do the Britney Spears Toxic dance. I can’t do that, but I do love shitty pop music and dancing like a fool, so that’s what I did on my summer vacation. I mean today. Instead of posting.

So! Things I want for THIS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th. I keep trying to put something together in Polyvore but I always hate the result, so you’ll just have to live with individual images, k?

I love this dress from b&lu. Apparently I have a thing for dresses from b&lu. So much of a thing I ordered this one. Look, it’s $15, OK? I fully expect it to rock my socks when it arrives.

Glynis Dress by b&lu

Glynis Dress by b&lu

Fantastique, non? I do love the color but I feel that I would look a little like a tent wearing it as-is, so this provides the perfect excuse for me to buy an obi belt, because I think it would look totally rockin’. Also because (and you can laugh all you want) my greyhound Lovey had the most spectacular collar from Karen’s Kollars. It looked like this:

lined martingale collar from Karens Kollars

lined martingale collar from Karen's Kollars

I suggest if you have or know any dog who might have a passing interest in a martingale collar, you go immediately to this site and get one, because they’re really well-made and gorgeous. I miss my dogs, who have all departed this life, alas. But let’s not get all melancholy. Anyway, I always loved that collar and wished there were some way I could wear something like it. And then obi belts became a reasonable thing to wear in this country, with normal clothes, so hallelujah! I am working with the owner of the lovely iamErica shop to create a custom belt, like the one below. She does totally custom sizes and so far has been great to talk to, so I’m excited.

iamErica obi belt

iamErica obi belt

And you know what else I want? Which I will probably never have? Custom made shoes. I mean, holy shit. And look what I found on Etsy:

custom retro platform pumps by zerkaloostrah

custom retro platform pumps by zerkaloostrah

SERIOUSLY. You like… trace your foot, and then you work with her, and you get SHOES that are made just for YOU and if you have stupid weird feet like me this is such an exciting concept. Honestly I think $500 for fully repairable, custom made leather shoes is totally a reasonable price; it’s just out of my universe for now. I don’t even know how many pairs of wrist warmers I’d need to trade for these but ZOMG. Gorgeous. Spend some time exploring her site, just because learning how to do foot tracings is awesome cool. I think I might do one just to pretend like I’m going to order some custom shoes.

I have now officially postponed posting this post so long it is now in fact Saturday. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused as a result.

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