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Look, Ma! I have style!

September 12, 2008

Maybe! I almost did this a few weeks ago when I was watching an older season of Project Runway via the magic of the Interwebs, but I couldn’t find a screen cap, so I didn’t. However, I would like to point out that I own a dress that has now appeared TWICE on Project Runway: Once on some friend of one of the final 3 in some season and no I don’t remember which season, and once this week on Kelli Martin, one of the Season 5 designers. Kelli is from Columbus, and so was I when I bought this dress, so I BET we got it at the same Anthropologie. If you’re reading this, Kelli, HI! I liked your style and was sorry to see you go. Do you know a hair girl in Columbus named Heather? Because I need to find her. Anyway.

I enclose below, for your edification, a photo of me wearing the dress (I know you can hardly see it, but it doesn’t fit anymore and this is all I have to offer) and a screen cap of PR (I know it’s blurry look what do you want from me, for me to go rip the tags out of Kelli’s dress and mine and stick them together so you know it’s the same?). I love. lovelovelove. this dress. To pieces. It’s probably my favorite dress ever, and sometimes I stare at it longingly and promise that one day I will wear it again ha ha. I like vintagey and I love dresses. Sometimes I’m glad I’m too fat for Anthropologie right now, because sheeeeit. I’d be broke.

Oh neapolitan ice cream dress, I miss you so, even if I couldn’t fit a bra under you and as a result kind of felt like you were Ace bandages compressing my girls. To quote Rachel Zoe, “I die.” Oh, and you know what, I like the black hair. I might dye it black again after I wait a reasonable amount of time so my hair doesn’t fry and fall off my head.

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