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Tuesday Reviewsday: Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint

September 9, 2008

Ah, mascara. There probably hasn’t been a time in my adult life when I haven’t owned at least three tubes, partly because they ALWAYS put them in Gift With Purchase stuff, and I am a SUCKER for GWP (as the in-the-know call it). I know that the cosmetics companies deliberately set the threshold one cent higher than their cheapest product, so then you have to buy two things, but it results in free* stuff! Like cosmetics bags I never use because they’re orange patent leather, or Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Cream for Ladies With Orange Leathery Skin (not me), or horrendously unflattering shades of eyeshadow. Or possibly flattering shades of eyeshadow that I already own in ten different versions.

But I digress. We were going to talk about mascara. I have long been led to believe that if you’re going to put on one makeup product, it should be mascara. This single product apparently renders you instantly striking — pretty fantastic, yes? At first (read: when I was 16 or so) I was reluctant to even use it, because I’ve got pretty long eyelashes anyway. Then I tried it a few times, and THEN I started going out to clubs and it was all HOLY SHIT I MUST HAVE SPIKY UNNATURAL 2′ LONG LASHES NAOOOO and I became… addicted. My best friend introduced me to Lancome Definicils (pretend that has the circonflex and accent aigu in the correct places, if you would; I can only type French on a Mac) and I fell in love; here was mascara I could wear on a regular basis. The effect was natural-looking, just slightly prettier. And conveniently, this mascara almost always shows up in every Lancome GWP! I have no idea what else I bought to meet the purchase minimums, or why I didn’t just maybe buy an actual tube of the mascara and have done, but for a few years there the Lancome GWP Definicils was my sole means of mascara obtenation.

The thing is, even if I find a product I like, sometimes I get bored with it. The packaging begins to seem drab, and there are Shiny New Exciting Things to Try, and I can’t resist the temptation. I’ve used any number of other mascaras (although not as many, probably, as said best friend, who I think has at least 20 varieties at any given time), but Definicils remained my favorite, possibly until… now.

You may recall I ordered some stuff from Sephora (on which more reviews COMING SOON) a while ago, and as a Sephora Insider (I am not special; anyone can sign up for this) I was able to select a SPECIAL DELUXE SAMPLE oh my God, right? Most of the choices didn’t seem especially appealing, so I went for this Too Faced mascara, because, well, shit. I can always use mascara.

So really, you’re probably wondering when I’m going to stop telling you about me and start telling you about the product depicted above. Bear with me just a weeeee bit longer as I explain something about me and mascara. See, even though I’ve been using it for a long time, I’m still really impaired at actually applying it. When I get the wand near my eye, I almost inevitably blink fiercely and end up with mascara on my browbone or in my eye or somewhere else useless. I have been told that the way you apply mascara is to start at the very root and kind of wiggle the brush out. I try to do this with my right eye, and sometimes I think I get it OK. But how in the hell are you supposed to do your left eye (RIP) if you’re right-handed? It’s awkward and I wonder if people with perfect mascara aren’t secretly octopi or something. I usually get some on the bridge of my nose from bumping it with the wand handle. All this is meant to provide you with information so you can decide whether my opinions on mascara are worthwhile, or if I’m such a bumbling idiot, anything I say is bound to be wrong.

OK. The Too Faced stuff. In my opinion? This is the business. I think I like it better than the Definicils. The brush is not some frightening contraption the size of a Koosh ball, which enables me to get it closer to the eyelid. I didn’t realize until today that applying multiple coats of mascara means waiting for each coat to dry and THEN putting more on, so I have been just going over my eyelashes twice in a row. The result with this, so far, has not been clumpy at all (good, because I lost my eyelash comb, and seriously? Eyelash comb? What the fuck?), and makes my lashes look a little bit darker and a little bit curlier (without using a curler, which I am presently sans). I’ve worn it fairly successfully for up to 10 hours, and haven’t noticed any horrible little flakes or spotty bits under my eyes, and it continues to look good even when I leave the house and reveal myself to be the sweaty, sweaty person that I am.

Removal’s a wee bit tricky; it certainly doesn’t come off with my Philosophy Purity and water, so I have resorted to using various oils since I am currently not in possession of actual makeup remover stuff. The olive oil worked OK but made me hungry with its delicious scent, and I don’t like being hungry when I’m trying to fall asleep. I moved on to jojoba oil, which worked at least as well, which is to say that it removed most of it but left a definite waxy texture, and crumbs of mascara in my lashes when I woke up. I’ll have to try something else soon, eh?

Apparently it’s only available at Sephora, and it’s $19.50 — cheaper than the Definicils, more expensive than Great Lash. But if it looks good when a mascara-impaired person such as myself applies it, I think it must be pretty awesome. It’s a more natural look, so it doesn’t make me uncomfortable going to the grocery store. I reaaaaally want to try Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes solely because the packaging is so damn cool, but man, I LIKE the Too Faced.

* Not really.

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