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Saturday Beauty Experiment: Hair-cuttin’

September 6, 2008

OK, so I may have mentioned this elsewhere, but I don’t think I’d had a haircut since March of 2006. My hair was very long, longer than mid-back, which in theory sounds great but in fact is not. The ends were originally dyed black (thanks, L’Oreal Feria Starry Night!) so they had faded out to some bizarro red color and formed many split ends. I really did try (valiantly!) to curl it and make it wavy and lush and full and sexy but I am fairly inept, and my hair was having none of it. So yesterday I finally worked up to calling a hair salon in town (really don’t know much of anyone here, and didn’t want to take my mother in law’s advice since our hair and tastes are… well, let’s say “different”). They had an appointment open today, and with some trepidation I said sure, why not.

Now, when I lived in Columbus, I used to have Heather at Studio Posh cut my hair, but she’s not there anymore and neither am I. Although if she were still working there I would absolutely drive four hours for a hair cut and color. I used to walk in, sit down in her chair, and just say “do whatever you want” and magically I would walk out with spectacular hair. People complimented my hair all the time, and it was never, ever boring. I love Heather. Heather, if you read this, WHERE ARE YOU? I explained that this was my general approach to hairstyles to the new stylist, Sami, over the phone, and she said that was totally fine. Apparently I told her I didn’t want “boring” hair. So sue me; it’s a small town, there’s not really much of a scene, as it were, and I was half afraid of walking out with a perm and a mullet (i.e. a permullet).

So I walked in and sat down, and I was still fairly nervous; I hadn’t brought any photos with me and all I could really tell her was “do something you think will look cool.” She looked at my long-ass hair and asked if I was absolutely certain I wanted to cut it off, and I said fuck yes I want to cut it off, and anyway it’ll grow back eventually. Sadly I couldn’t donate it because Locks of Love apparently only takes virgin hair? Who knew?

Anyway, I have to give Sami some props, because she gave me a crazy haircut. I like it. Probably a lot, but you know how it is when the cut’s two hours old and you’re not QUITE sure yet. It’s stylable with my favorite hair product, i.e. wax and/or paste (the Aveda stuff that looks like a deodorant stick, that my scuzzy gross disgusting slob roommate THOUGHT was deodorant and had been applying to his scuzzy gross disgusting slob pits for a week before he mentioned it to me, that stuff, I like it). I believe I shall have to visit a store tonight — there’s a Sally in town — and purchase some hair-wax-stuff. I no longer have any because when your hair is about 3′ long it’s not like it does much for you.

I neglected to take any before photos, but… just imagine “ew” and you’re close. Afters!

And honestly, I tried to get a good photo. I took about 50 pictures, but most of them were blurry and/or so unflattering that THIS photo actually looked GOOD. I am not drunk, nor am I a boxer coming to kick your ass. Yes I’m sticking my chin out because I always do so I don’t look like Bucky le Teeth or something. Also I never realized how much my nose looks like an ass before. Also also, my mother used to argue with me and say my eyes were brown, but I believe this photo clearly shows that they are hazel. Sometimes I pretend they’re green. If you can look at Flickr up there, Mum: I TOLD YOU SO.

This is an attempt to show the side/back of the hair, not an emo pose with the camera below my head instead of above it because I’m so emo my arms cry when I ask them to raise. I think it’s a cool haircut. Also it cleverly covers much of the right cheek, which is where I have the worst zits and stuff (which everyone SAYS they don’t notice but I think it’s one of those things people just say because sometimes honesty is not the best policy).

Zack likes it, too. I know he loved the long hair but he apparently thinks the new haircut is “pretty.” So, yay! I’m happy; I can’t tell you how fucking pleased I am to NOT have all that HAIR sticking to my NECK and then I’m sleeping and somehow it has tangled itself through my armpit and under the pillow and I go to turn over and yell OW OW OW WHAT THE HELL.

I really want color, but I’m really not sure I can afford salon color, and I’m thinking of just giving it a go at home. The thing is, Sami was talking about like orangey-red with black underneath and blonde chunks and it sounds SO COOL and there’s no way in hell I could do that at home and ohhh no. I’m not going to talk myself into it. I might just see if I can get it red or black at home. Hmm. Red or black… maybe I should pick a card.

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  1. October 6, 2008 6:25 am

    I went to google and type in “hairstyle for bucky teeth” – as I am in desperate need of a new hairstyle, I am sick of my hair just hanging with mild layers.

    My experiences with fringes (bangs) have been terrible as I have bucky teeth and have two bucky things (a fringe and my teeth) on my face is just over doing it on the bucky front….

    So my question is, does this hairstyle exaggerate your teeth? I hope not, because I really like it 😛

    Let me know 🙂

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