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Can you say “unflattering”?

September 3, 2008

I have returned from fair Seattle, where the weather was nice and cool, though this did not stop me from sweating like a moron. Maybe I should revise my deodorant review, or maybe I should just not try to hide behind a hoodie when it’s not really cold enough to wear one. We were there to meet up with lots of friends at the Penny Arcade Expo, and in general a good time was had by all.

That said, you know how people talk about their “fat photos” and how it’s inspired them to lose weight? Well, I just saw some of the pictures from the convention and I am tying myself to a treadmill right now, as I type. Jesus H. Christ on a cracker, I am… just… wow. I didn’t even recognize myself in a couple of them. And in one of them? Where I am hunching to try to hide the fat tummy? It looks like my boobs are down to my knees. SO HOT. But it’s OK. I signed up for SparkPeople. I have a diet buddy. I ate cottage cheese for breakfast. And ohmygod the whole time I was there people were probably like “why is that fat girl eating an almond croissant?”

This is not to say that I feel I need to be a size 2, but I am unhealthy and just not in good shape, and this needs to be remedied, preferably before someone else comes near me with a camera. Yowzers. I’ve promised myself some more stylish clothes (somehow the one for duck-hunting ammo just isn’t flattering) so I think I’ll set a goal of losing 10lb and then look at Chloe Dao’s stuff on QVC. Love Project Runway, oh yes.

And no, I will not post said photo here, it’s just that bad. Coming soon: Smashbox cream eyeliner is my friend!

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